LED High Bay Light In Mexico

Data: 2017-03-20

LED High Bay Lights used in our client’s warehouse at Mexico:
Country: Mexico 
City: Mexico
Model: YC-BH-009 & YC-BH-010
Quantity: 72pcs (48 + 24)

The owner uses our LED High bay lights YC-BH-009(48pcs) & YC-BH-010 (24pcs) for the lighting in their warehouse. All the LED High bay lights are put in a special lighting fixture, so it makes them meet the surrounding environment.
Our LED High bay lights replaced the old 150W HPS lamps in this warehouse, save about 50% power consumption. Also, in this warehouse, we use Cool White, with 7000K color temperature, which makes all the people feel less tiring and easier to focus.
The shape of our LED High Bay lights are almost the same as the traditional HID Lamps, so, it's very easy for all the installation and maintenance. The LED lights can start without any latency.

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