LED Light Bulb in Turkey

Data: 2017-03-20

Country: Turkey
City: Ankara
Model: YC-50-BL YC-53-BL, YC-56-BL, YC-58-BL
Quantity: 7,000 pieces (2,800 + 2,800 + 600 + 800)

This project takes place in Ankara which is the capital and the second largest city of Turkey. The owner owns a hotel located at the center of Ankara for more than 20 years and as time goes by, a lot of the facilities in the hotel are getting outdated. The owner had spent a lot of money on electricity bill and maintenance cost every month so he is looking for a way to cut down all the unnecessary costs. Our suggestion for him is to replace all the traditional incandescent light bulbs with our new energy saving LED light bulbs.

This LED lighting project involved replacing approximately 2,000 lamps in 300 rooms of the hotel as well as the hallways and common areas with our YC-50-BL (2,800 pieces) , YC-53-BL(2,800 pieces), YC-56-BL (600 pieces) and YC-58-BL (800 pieces) LED light bulbs. It will result in the reduction of more than 600,000 annual kilowatt-hours, equating to a 70 percent reduction in lighting energy savings.

It is estimated that The Hotel will save at least 250,000 in the first year alone and the client will notice significant reductions in their energy use and maintenance costs right away.

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