LED Panel Light in Czech Republic

Data: 2017-03-20

Country: Czech Republic
City: Prague
Model: YC-048-PL
Quantity: 357pcs

A return customer from Czech Republic who recently just installed our LED Downlight for his new office building had decided to renovate his old office building with our YC-048-PL LED Panel Light. 368 pieces of our YC-048-PL LED Panel Light were used for this renovation.

Although there are some minor problem with the installation, but our technical support team had helped them to solve the problem without hesitation. After the installation, the test result shows that the energy saving rate is about 50% higher and the luminous level had increase about 20%.

As we all know, the cost of the LED Panel Light is a little higher than the traditional lighting fixture but the benefit of using the new LED Panel Light is way beyond the cost. With its green environment protection, softer lighting, higher luminous, lower power consumption and a lot of other benefits, our client thinks this upgrade is worth every penny.

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